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Welcome to EDAN - East Durham Artists' Network

East Durham Artists' Network (edan), is a collective of professional artists dedicated to the development of visual arts in the region. Members are either based in, or associated with, East Durham.

The group was constituted in 2005, and has over 60 committed members, from the Tyne to the Tees and beyond. edan is an artist-led initiative and members represent a cross section of the visual arts, including painters, glass artists, sculptors, textile artists, photographers, ceramic artists and poets. edan makes art and artists more accessible to the public, acting as a voice for practicing artists and providing information and support.

edan also fulfills a need for cultural and social interaction between artists and public, through exhibitions and community based projects. Through these themed projects edan members are provided with the opportunity to research their subject within a supportive environment, furthering their artistic and academic knowledge.

We contribute to the cultural development of the region, by successfully establishing links between artists, industry and commerce. We use empty shops, offices, local council and university premises, nature reserves and gardens for our projects and exhibitions. edan's talented artists have worked with scientists, theologians, educationalists, students and International curators, including Hungary, Germany and South Korea.

As visual artists we have discovered that if we want our work to be seen, we must create our own audiences.

The Writers group meets monthly to discuss members poetry and creative writing projects. The group also engage in self published group projects, often in conjunction with the photography group.

Writers Group

A regular meeting of members interested in photography with advice and day trips to put their skills into action

Photography Group

  • 2nd Jul - 6th Aug:
    Sea Gear by Jac Howard
  • 7th Aug - 12th Sep:
    CLOSED - renovation
  • 13th Sep - 8th Oct:
    Cress Project
  • 11th Oct - 12th Nov:
    Members Group & Workshops
  • 15th Nov - 26th Nov:
    St. Mary's Church & Old Seaham
  • 18th Nov - 17th Dec:
    Christmas Sale
  • 18th Dec - 2nd Jan:
    Exhibitions 2017
  • 3rd Jan - 14th Jan:
    St. Mary's Church & Old Seaham
  • 317th Jan - 18th Feb:
    Jean Lowes & Neida Timberlake
    Life Drawing:
  • Monday 6:30pm

    Writers Group:
  • Workshops TBA
    Photography Group:
  • 2nd Oct. 11am

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